Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and his wife Sharon at yesterday’s Swearing-in Ceremony at President’s House, St Ann’s.

Make sure our children are safe and not stressed.

This was Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s message ahead of today’s Secondary Entrance Assessment examination.

“I just wish they all would be safe as they come out to write the exam and I’m calling on the parents to ensure that the children are not stressed. Bring them out for the exams, I have all confidence that the principals and their commitment will ensure that the children and properly looked after when they are out,” he said while taking questions from the media following the swearing-in ceremony at President’s House yesterday.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the COVID-19 threat but expressed confidence that proper protocols would be followed, but he also called on the public to be vigilant for the children as well.

“All the health protocols are in place and I’m asking to get these children back home safely as quickly as possible and the national community tomorrow. Please look after our children. We have 19,000 children coming out to write exams so wherever you are, look out for our children tomorrow and hope that they get back home safely,” he said.

“Once the exam is written it will take us a step closer to looking after their future with respect to how they are selected into the next phase of their education experience,” he said.

—Peter Christopher