General Election

The PNM has distanced itself from a video circulating of a man in a red PNM jersey in an alleged altercation with some people in a vehicle.

And, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has said there’s been no report to police on that and he’s waiting to see if there is.

But the PNM has been forced to report vandalism of their election posters, banners and other items in 11 constituencies— and 10 UNC banners which were at various San Fernando West locations were removed last Saturday night.

The rash of situations broke out yesterday as political parties double-down on election battle in this final week towards next Monday’s general election.

Special voting will begin tomorrow and continues to 3 pm on Sunday .

Among campaign issues is the video circulating on social media showing a man in an apparent red PNM T-shirt yelling at someone in a vehicle, then hitting or lunging to hit someone in shorts in the vehicle with what looks like a stick.

A woman’s voice is heard shouting “Anderson…!” There are flashes in the photo of another person in red to the left of the man, others in red also in a vehicle behind him and there’s a flash of the camera to other people in red standing near parked cars, some way off.

The PNM’s communication manager Laurel Lezama- Lee Sing said,“The PNM doesn’t condone violence in any form on the campaign trail, in homes between friends at all. The party’s executive isn’t aware of this situation,“

She said the PNM doesn’t know the persons in the video, can’t identify if it was an incident that may have occurred parallel to any activity or what it was about.

“We ‘re hearing talk about a ‘bridge’ and ‘South,’ but we checked South including Oropouche East, West and other constituencies and they’re not aware of it . We’ve had multiple motorcades and activities, but no one knows about this. No one would have acted as a PNM agent in any violence or such as what appears to be going on in this (clip).“

Griffith told Guardian Media he hasn’t gotten a report or complaint from anyone on the situation yet.

“And the Police Service isn’t going to be like a dog barking at every passing car and be used in a way to discredit or support any political party or supporters.

Last week, PNM’s St Joseph campaign manager Noel Garcia wrote Griffith seeking protection for St Joseph candidate Terrance Deyalsingh and activists after alleged shootings and threats occurred in Farm Road last week Sunday and Wednesday after PNM’s meetings there.

Three men were detained by police on the issue . They were released. But the campaign team yesterday confirmed shooting occurred in Farm Road again last Saturday and a reported threats been made on Deyalsingh’s life .

Meanwhile, Lezama- Lee Sing said PNM has been the target of vandalism of election gear over the past two weeks . Reports have been lodged with police stations in constituencies where incidents occurred

She said in Diego Martin West, Keith Rowley’s face was cut out of pictures on banners. Similar defacing was done on posters belonging to Arima candidate Pennelope Beckles – but the UNC candidate’s face was pasted onto the space where Beckles’ photo was .

In St Joseph black paint was smeared on candidate Deyalsingh’s picture . In Chaguanas East candidate Clarence Rambharat’s banners were torn down and shredded.

Posters were torn down in D’Abadie O’Meara, Fyzabad and Princes Town.

Banners in St Anns’ East and Cascade (PoS North) were torn and defaced.

In Lopinot/ Bon Air West and Oropouche East banners were stolen and defaced.

UNC San Fernando West candidate Sean Sobers yesterday confirmed 10 of his banners were removed last Saturday night from areas in Gulf City Mall, Gulf View, Gulf View Drive, Embacadere, Rushworth Street and in Marabella . T

Sobers said, ”I haven’t reported it to police , but I was very surprised to see this. “