Tracy Davidson-Celestine is this country's first female to lead the People's National Movement's (PNM) Council in Tobago

In an historic win, Tracy Davidson-Celestine became this country’s first female to lead the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) Council in Tobago, in the Council’s runoff election on January 26, 2020.

This, as the party celebrated its 64th anniversary on the same day.

Davidson-Celestine trounced the Council’s political leader Kelvin Charles for a decisive win, with over 60 percent of the votes.

In her victory speech, Davidson-Celestine said she plans to resign as this country’s ambassador to Costa Rica “as soon as possible”.

She said Charles had congratulated her on the victory.

“He called and offered his congratulations and talked about working together,” she said.

Asked if she will allow Charles to remain as Chief Secretary, Davidson-Celestine said:

“I will say that it is premature now. I want to focus on congratulating all the persons…and thank all of the teams.”

Conceding defeat on Sunday, even before the final voting tally was known, Charles said he was “disappointed”, but willing to work to heal the party.

Asked if he will remain as Chief Secretary, he referenced Davidson-Celestine’s comment on the issue and said he found it “interesting”.

Davidson-Celestine and Charles went head-to-head after neither received the required constitutional majority to win the council’s leadership position on January 19.

Losing political leader aspirants—Dr. Denise Tsoiafat-Angus and Joel Jack—threw their support behind Davidson-Celestine in the runoff, with their joint teams began campaigning across the length and breadth of Tobago.