Boxill Bailey

Camille McEachnie

The People’s National Movement (PNM) Goodwood/ Belle Garden West candidate Boxill Bailey says he saw a vision of the PNM winning the 12 Tobago House of Assembly (THA) seats in the January 25, 2021 elections.

The party accomplished that feat in the 2014 THA elections.

Speaking at the Belle Garden Multipurpose Facility on January 6, Bailey said he had the vision after attending the party’s church service on Sunday.

“We had a church service at Signal Hill, and sitting the pastor said I saw 15, 10,10, three…My brother and sisters, this morning I woke up, said my prayers…and something just came to me.”

Analyzing what he ‘saw’ by the pastor’s words, he said the PNM’s West and East Members of Parliament Shamfa Cudjoe, Ayanna Webster-Roy, respectively, and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley along with the 12 THA representatives completed the number 15.

Stretching his hand to the party’s candidate in the nearby Belle Garden East/ Roxborough/ Delaford electoral district Neil Beckles, Bailey said, “victory will be delivered in (the district)”.

Speaking of his plans for the area, the newcomer is proposing the expansion of the fishing, agriculture, and agro-processing industries.

He said the area was known for “the best smoke fish in the world,” and he proposed earning foreign exchange through its expansion.

He said the tourism sector should be encouraged to support the smoke fish industry so that the sector stakeholders’ businesses will grow.