From left, PNM Tobago Council PRO Kwesi Des Vignes, Tobago East candidate Ayanna Webster-Roy, Tobago West candidate Shamfa Cudjoe and PNM Tobago Council chairman Stanford Callender at yesterday’s press conference.

Mere days before Monday’s General Election, Chairman of the Tobago Council of the PNM Stanford Callender questioned whether a candidate vying for office owns an $18 million mansion in Trinidad.

Speaking at a press conference at the PNM Campaign office at Pump Mill, Scarborough on Friday, Callender said the issue is one to be made public.

He said the candidate appears to be well off, but pretends to be poor and cares for the needy in the country.

“Who is the candidate in this general election that owns an $18 million house in Shore Lands (sic) in West, Trinidad? We want to know, who owns that $18 million house, had an impressive housewarming and did not invite any of the poor people in Tobago or in Trinidad to the housewarming,” he said.

Without calling names, Callender urged members of the media to investigate the claims, to inform the public, since serious decisions would be made on Monday.

“Serious decisions about our future and serious decisions about who are the individuals we would want to elect to office, I want to know, so that is why I am asking these questions because as I speak to you don’t know, so I hope the media can help us to understand who is this individual that seeks our franchise,” he said.

Callender said, the property which is located in West, Trinidad was recently obtained.