Tracy Davidson Celestine, Political Leader of the People's National Movement (PNM) Tobago Council, has been nominated unopposed to face screening for the Lambeau / Signal Hill electoral district.

Political Leader of the People’s National Movement (PNM) Tobago Council, Tracy Davidson-Celestine, is nominated unopposed by PNM party groups to face the screening committee for the Lambeau/Signal Hill electoral district.

The district is considered a “safe seat” as it has always supported the PNM.

The party’s nomination process for candidates to represent each electoral district in the upcoming Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections ended on Monday.

Forty-one persons will face the screening committee to represent the party in 12 electoral districts.

According to a list of names provided by the island council, notable faces like Kelvin Charles—former island council leader and Chief Secretary—are not part of the line-up. He represented the Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden. Charles lost his island council post to Davidson-Celestine in the party’s internal elections in January 2020.

Hayden Spencer, who beat the Progressive Democratic Patriots’ candidate Dr. Faith B.Yisrael by five votes in the 2017 THA elections, also is absent from the list.

In the Scarborough/ Calder Hall district, the two candidates—Dr. Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus and Marslyn Melville-Jack, who were strong contenders in 2017—will face the screening committee again. Melville-Jack got the committee’s nod the last time around.

In the Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah district, the incumbent Sheldon Cunningham will face off against Kwesi Des Vignes to represent the party.

There was a recent row between the gentlemen as Cunningham publicly accused Des Vignes of undermining him in the district. Des Vignes said he knew nothing of the claim. Cunningham subsequently walked back his statements.

Kern Johnson, who appeared before the screening committee to represent the party in the General Elections for Tobago East, also will face the committee for the Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah district.

In the Belle Garden /Goodwood district, party groups nominated eight candidates.

Here is the full list of potential candidates and the Electoral Districts they hope to represent:

Parlatuvier / Lanse Fourmi / Speyside1. Rory Dillon
2. Soren Nicholas Bishop  
Providence / Mason Hall / Moriah  1. Sheldon Cunningham
2. Kwesi Desvignes
3. Dr. Kern Johnson  
Scarborough / Calder Hall   1. Marslyn Melville Jack
2. Dr. Denise Tsoifatt Angus  
Bacolet / Mt. St. George  1. Joel Jack
2. Charles Smith  
Belle-Garden / Goodwood  1. Boxhill Bailey
2. Stephanie Washington John
3. Carl McEwen
4. Kenneth Puncheon Thomas
5. Juilet Pope
6. Sheridan Kirk
7. Ronnie Bacchus
8. Gizelle Davis  
Roxborough / Delaford  1. Venus Orr
2. Nadine Stewart Phillips
3. Maxlon Roberts
4. Neil Beckles  
Lambeau / Signal Hill  1. Tracy Davidson Celestine  
Black Rock / Whim / Spring Garden  1. Marlon Brizan
2. Kelvon Morris
3. Learie Paul  
Canaan / Bon Accord  1. Clarence Jacob
2. Jaiye Melville
3. Huey Newton Cadette
4. Dominque Kerr  
Plymouth / Golden Lane  1. Marisha Osmond
2. Cecil Noel
3. Deon Isaac
4. Stephon Isaac
5. Melissa James Guy  
Bethel / Mt. Irvine  1. Shomari Hector
2. Eliis Clarke
3. Navia McMillian Beckles
4. Ricardo Warner  
Buccoo / Mt. Pleasant  1. Ancil Dennis
2. Keigon Denoon