Tracy Davidson-Celestine, Political Leader of the Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement (PNM), speaking on the Morning Brew on Wednesday 27 January 2021.

Political Leader of the Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement (PNM), Tracy Davidson-Celestine, is convinced that the PNM has not lost any ground, despite losing four of its previously held seats in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

The PNM Tobago Council leader maintains the party has, in fact, made some gains.

“We, the PNM, are very comfortable with where we are at this point in time,” she said.  “Based on the official statistics coming from the EBC, we have retained six seats in the election.  More than that, we have won the popular vote in this election.”

She added: “There is no clear winner at this point in time, and we are going forward very comfortable and confident that we will prevail in this particular situation.”

THA Elections Results.

Davidson-Celestine says it is too early to come to any conclusions about what the election result says about how the people of Tobago feel about either the PNM or the PDP, especially given that the PNM won the popular vote among Tobagonians, who have been participating more in elections over the past several years.

She also revealed that the PNM has not been trying to get any of the PDP (Progressive Democratic Patriots) candidates to cross the floor.

“We have not been attempting to entice anyone from the other side,” she confirmed. 

“We have made our case very clear to the Tobago public that there a number of issues arising from some of the representatives in the PDP.  So, we are in no way trying to influence anyone from the other side to give support to us, as we move this particular exercise forward.”