FLASHBACK – The first sitting of the new Assembly Legislature of the THA, on Thursday 28 January 2021, which saw the first deadlock in voting on a Presiding Officer. (Image courtesy THA Assembly Legislature)

The People’s National Movement (PNM) is willing to power-share, in an effort to move forward from the current deadlock in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

This comes from the political leader of the PNM Tobago Council, Tracy Davidson-Celestine, who says the PNM is evolving and is willing to collaborate with another political party, in order to move the business of Tobago forward.

“Whenever it comes to advancing a collaborative or team effort to treat with the issues of Tobagonians, the PNM is always open to such a position,” she asserts. 

“In this particular instance, we are looking at how best we can continue to serve the people of Tobago, and the best arrangement that we can foster to advance the development of Tobago.  So, whatever brings the best result,” she says, “the PNM will work and will embrace that particular approach.”

The Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) is proposing the sharing of governance in Tobago temporarily, with the PNM holding the positions of Presiding Officer and Chief Secretary, and the PDP, the Deputy Chief Secretary and Finance Secretary posts.

Tracy Davidson-Celestine says the PNM will evaluate the PDP proposal.

“We have to look at the merits and demerits of what is being advanced by the PDP at this point in time.  They want to move forward, just as we want to move forward,” she points out. 

“We had put on the table an offer to have a discussion and a collaborative approach to treating with the 6-6 deadlock that we currently face,” Mrs Davidson-Celestine notes, “and I am very glad the PDP is now ready to discuss with the PNM how we all can move forward.”

The PNM Tobago leader says the people of Tobago are anxious for the deadlock to be resolved, so that attention can be put once more on conducting the business of the island.