Mervyn Dillon

The People’s National Movement (PNM) Toco-Sangre Grande executive is hoping it won’t get instructions from the party’s screening committee to hunt for new nominees to contest the Toco-Sangre Grande seat in the upcoming general elections.

This follows the party’s decision on Saturday to review former cricketer Mervyn Dillon’s candidacy, after objections by party supporters, executive members and party groups who were not in support him.

Members within the constituency claimed that Dillon was a “Johnny Come Lately” to the party while people who worked the ground for the PNM had been sidelined.

His selection last Friday led to an uproar in the PNM camp and threats of resignation by members, as well as the withholding of votes at the upcoming polls.

Dillon was given the nod over favourite Lorraine Heath, incumbent MP Glenda Jennings-Smith, Roger Monroe, Courtney Francis, David Guy and Dhanoo Sookoo. Heath attained the highest votes by the executives and party groups with Monroe trailing behind.

However, hours after Dillon was selected, PNM PRO Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing confirmed to Guardian Media that his candidacy was under review but could not say what prompted the party to make such a decision.

On Tuesday, the PNM will make a determination on the matter.

Constituency election officer John Mason on Monday said with Dillon’s candidacy under review, the screening committee can ask the executive to look for new nominees but it is the last thing they want to do.

“If they tell us to hunt for new nominees I will step in. We don’t want that. We are not going to play games. Let the screening committee narrow down the list of nominees they screened last week.”

Mason said if Dillon’s candidacy is rescinded, the committee can pick the best two nominees and select a candidate from that.

“The constituency is waiting with bated breath hoping that their candidate of choice gets the nod. Let us hope that good sense prevails. All we want is the best for Sangre Grande,” Mason said.