Martin Pattan

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After a group of men murdered her 34-year-old boyfriend and rest their blade on her shoulder, a 17-year-old girl wrestled a cutlass from her attacker’s hand and escaped.Martin Pattan died after his killers slit his throat in the living room of his Egypt Village, Point Fortin home yesterday. Police said that around 3.30 am Pattan, his girlfriend and four-year-old son were asleep in his bedroom.

Four men with cutlasses entered through a bedroom window and front door and dragged him into the living room.

They threw his son on the ground and told his girlfriend to kneel on the floor.

After cutting Pattan’s throat, one of the men attempted the kill the girl, slicing her on her shoulder.

The men ran through some bushes and escaped, leaving the boy unharmed.

Point Fortin police officers, among them Insp Rampartap, Sgt Singh and Cpl Gokool, responded to the crime scene and searched for the suspects.

However, the search was unsuccessful up to last evening.

Investigators believe the murder was drug-related.

Relatives said Pattan’s killers staged it to appear like a robbery. They said the killers passed through neighbours’ yards to get to the house.

One of the killers opened a window and dismantled the lock on the front door. After killing Pattan, the killers left with his television, which villagers found in the bushes later on. Police took Pattan’s girlfriend and son to the Point Fortin Hospital where they received treatment and were later discharged.

His mother, Clara Pattan, told Guardian Media that the boy usually stays with her, but she had an appointment with an eye specialist, so he spent the night with Pattan.

Pattan lived with his girlfriend. She said Pattan was a father of two. He worked as a scrap iron hustler to finish the construction of his home. She said she did not know whether anyone threatened to kill her son. “He was not that serious to people. He was a known person who did kindness for people. I do not know who wanted to kill him. What they kill him for, I really cannot say what it was. They tried to attack his girlfriend, and they pelt down the little child from on the bed,” Clara said. She said when she arrived at Pattan’s home, the police had already cordoned the area so she could not see her son’s body. Clara said crime was getting worse and is becoming unstoppable because there are not many opportunities for people to earn an honest dollar.