Point Fortin Mayor Saleema Thomas

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As public health officials have now declared her COVID-19-free, Point Fortin Mayor Saleema Thomas says her burgesses can expect additional public health awareness campaigns in the coming weeks.Three weeks after Thomas, who is pregnant with her third child, tested positive for the disease, another test has returned negative and she has been cleared to return to public activity.

In a media release via the Point Fortin Borough Corporation yesterday, Thomas said the campaigns will continue to highlight health measures and protocols to ensure safety during the pandemic.

“My condition and that of my unborn child is good at this time and I thank all those who expressed concern about my health status, along with persons who sent best wishes for my successful recovery,” Thomas said in the statement.

She added: “I am thankful to the St Patrick CMOH, Dr Kalicharan Ramnarine and Dr Allyssa Persad of the surveillance team in the performance of their duties and the excellent support they provided.”

At the end of last month, Thomas fell ill and immediately went into isolation at home and contacted her doctors.

Despite testing positive, she continued her duties, hosting virtual meetings with the Point Fortin Borough Council and her staff. An advocate for vaccinations, Thomas said she would have taken the COVID-19 shot but doctors advised her to abstain due to her pregnancy. It is unknown how she contracted the disease.

A few other workers contracted the disease at the Point Fortin Borough Corporation. Up to last week, there were two deaths reported.