Police arrested and charged 59 people at two private parties over the weekend in breach of the public health regulations.

According to police, between 7.30 am and 9.30 am on Saturday officers proceeded to Kevin Street Point Pleasant Park, Cunupia where a party was taking place.

On arrival at the location, the police executed a search warrant and observed over 50 people in attendance in breach of the public health regulations.

Several patrons fled the party over the walls, however, officers were able to detain 17 Trinidadian men and nine Venezuelan females. Sheldon David, Gary Davidson and Keron Simmons were also arrested and charged for obstructing an officer in the execution of his duties and resisting arrest. The exercise was conducted under the supervision of Senior Superintendent Simon and Superintendent Pierre.

It also included officers of the Central Division Task Force Area North led by Sargeant Andrews and Sargeant John.

A task force led by Superintendent Alexander also raided a similar party in the Santa Cruz area on Sunday morning.

Police arrested and charged 30 people at the event for breaching the public health regulations.

Among them were four Trinidadian men and two Trinidadian women.

The rest of the patrons held were 15 Venezuelan males and nine Venezuelan females. Investigations are ongoing into both incidents.

Police are reminding members of the public of the COVID-19 legislation in place regarding public gatherings of more than ten people.

“The TTPS will continue to remain vigilant to perpetrators and persons who are intent on breaking the law,” a police statement said.