Three men were arrested, and a quantity of US currency seized during an anti-crime exercise this morning.
According to police reports, officers were on mobile patrol along Tulsa Trace, San Francique Village, Penal, around 1:30 am when they observed a pirogue with three male occupants proceeding along a river.
The officers, with the assistance of the Penal Criminal Investigations Department, intercepted the pirogue when it came to land at Rahamut Trace. The three suspects attempted to flee the scene but were held a short distance away. A search of the area was conducted which resulted in officers finding an old washing machine inside a shed. The washing machine contained three packets containing US$39,000. The three suspects, a 34-year-old and a 24-year-old both of Maraval, and a 34-year-old of Debe, were arrested in connection with the find and officers of the Financial Intelligence Bureau contacted.