FLASHBACK… Commissioner of Police Gary Griffth (left) and head of the TTPS Social and Welfare Association, Inspector Gideon Dixon, at their first official meeting, in July 2019.

The Social and Welfare Association of the T&T Police Service (TTPSSWA) says it will be exploring its legal options, following what it says are “misleading statements” in the public domain, hinting at possible corruption on the part of the Association’s Executive.

In an official statement issued today, and signed by its President (Ag. Inspector Gideon Dickson), and Secretary (Sergeant Ancil Forde), the TTPSSWA states:

“…the Association categorically denies offering any officer inducement by means of promotion or any other form and questions the motive of anyone who would suggest otherwise…”

The Association was referencing a newspaper article over the weekend, in which a senior police officer alleges he was “offered promotion inducements to admit he witnessed the leaking” of documents concerning the ACP Hackshaw case.

The TTPSSWA says it is concerned that there is a hidden agenda involved in such moves to impugn the integrity of the Association, and it will be seeking legal advice on the matter.

The full text of the TTPSSWA statement, follows…


The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Social and Welfare Association (TTPSSWA) is firmly built on the hallmark of ‘service before self’ and continues to execute a degree of probity and altruism amongst all stakeholders. The TTPSSWA have at all times demonstrated that it stands on the principles of fairness, due process and natural justice.

The Police Association is regulated by clear guidelines documented in its Rule book 1992, amended 2004, which embodies the objects on which the Association is established, reference is made to article (e) to settle disputes between its members in relation to their service; and article (g) to regulate the relationship and to settle disputes between its members and their seniors, the Minister for the time being responsible for the Police Service and/or any other person or organization.

Thus, it is disheartening to observe the integrity of the Association being questioned and placed under speculation owing to misleading statements being circulated in the public sphere. Thus, reference is made to the Sunday Express article dated 30/08/20.

It is judicial notice that the office of the Association cannot promote officers. Hence, the Association categorically denies offering any officer inducement by means of promotion or any other form and questions the motive of anyone who would suggest otherwise.

Consequently, the Executive takes this opportunity to ensure that all stakeholders are properly appraised of the constitution of the Police Association and will continue to champion quality representation for all its members in areas of salary negotiations, legal issues, promotion and other concerns that may affect the welfare of police officers.

It is important to note, that the Association would not be indifferent to any publication of misleading or defamatory statements against the Police Association’s body, inclusive of its Executive, Central Committee Representatives and General Council and will continue to represent fearlessly for the betterment of all its members.

The Association will be seeking legal advice in this matter to remedy the mischief being preferred by this false narrative.

Gideon Rayon Dickson
Inspector of Police (Ag.)
President (TTPSSWA)
Ancil Forde
Police Sergeant Reg. No. 14980
Secretary (TTPSSWA)