There were over 19 Carnival zess ‘illegal parties’ occurring over the weekend, in which 48 people were detained in total in North Trinidad.

Police sources told the Guardian Media that officers were very busy this past weekend as they attempted to disperse revelers who chose to congregate from Friday night to the wee hours of Monday morning in their respective communities for their either planned or impromptu unofficial j’ouvert celebrations.

Some of the areas in which these celebrations took place included: two locations in Arima, two in Maloney, Bagatelle in Diego Martin, Sea Lots, Beetham, two in Edinburgh 500, Enterprise, two in Curepe, North Coast Road, Port-of-Spain and three in San Fernando – totalling 19 locations for the least in which police officers had to respond to.

Guardian Media was told that in the St Paul’s Street area in East Port-of-Spain police officers allegedly seized music equipment and drinks by the cases in an attempt to disperse the party goers, however, as soon as the officers left the area the party re-commenced and continued way into the hours on Sunday night.

Earlier on Saturday night, three people including a woman were detained at the said location for allegedly unruly behaviour. In Arima, 45 people were detained on Sunday at about 5 am at Peytonville.

The officers then went to Samaroo Village, Arima, where they saw another party in progress. However, people ran away when they saw the police. No one was detained.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat Rostant