Police find cocaine in Fyzabad

An anti-crime exercise in the Fyzabad district on Thursday resulted in officers of the South-Western Division Task-Force discovering illegal narcotics.

Official police reports state that police officers went to a track at Archibald Street, Fyzabad, and upon their arrival, a man ran away when he saw the officers.

A team member, Cpl Prince, gave chase and held the suspect a short distance away. A search was conducted of the suspect’s person. Police found a plastic packet of cocaine weighing 11 grams in his right front pants pocket.

According to police, while the arrest was taking place, the man’s family intervened—including his brother, a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment. During the fracas, Cpl Prince was injured.

The other members of Task Force subdued and handcuffed the suspect and his relative.

Cpl Prince sought medical attention at the Siparia Health Facility.

Investigations are continuing.