Customers line up but practise physical distancing for safety, as they await their turn to order doubles from Sauce on the Avenue, in Woodbrook. (Image: CARISA LEE)

There was a heavy police presence on Ariapita Avenue this morning, as doubles vendors reopened for the first time in over two months. 

“Tell your patrons sit in their vehicles,” one woman police officer told the vendors of Sauce on the Ave. 

As the line got longer outside Sauce on the Ave one police officer warned the vendors about their customers congregating and disobeying the COVID-19 guidelines. She told them no more than five people should be in the line at one time. 

“Ah (sic) coming back here and shutdown this operation,” she told them. 

After her visit one of the vendors was seen sending people back to their vehicles and asking them to social distance as he ensured that the line did not exceed the limit. 

But even with that cap, the flow did not slow down as people continuously joined the line for their favourite street food. 

One man told Guardian Media that he could not wait for today and planned to visit five doubles vendors throughout the morning. 

“This is my third doubles stand I pass by. I don’t know if I go have room after these here to pass by a next one,” he said. 

The line was also long at Josh Best Doubles in St. James.  Bob, a doubles vendor for over 30 years, said he was glad to make an income again. 

“You must be happy to be working,” he said. 

His colleague, Robin Christian, shared a similar sentiment. He said they anticipated a huge crowd this morning and were doing all they can to ensure protocols were adhered to. 

At George & Son on Carlos Street, just after 9 am, the vendors informed their customers waiting in line that they were on their last. 

One woman said she woke up at 5:30 am to ensure she got her doubles today.