There is a fully-manned Police Operations Command Centre to deal with curfew-related matters. According to Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, there will be 15 police officers on duty, 24 hours a day to answer the various hotline numbers – 480-2000, 612-3876, 684-5730, 684-5076, 684-5035, and 684-5233.

The TTPS says since the establishment of the hotlines, the Command Centre has been inundated with calls from persons seeking information and advice. The CoP says that critical essential workers, persons with emergencies, and persons going to the airport for early morning flights, can contact the Command Centre for the necessary approvals.

The CoP noted that today’s operation has been moving smoothly, except for a few reports received by the Command Centre that persons going to and from their essential jobs, were turned back by certain police officers erroneously.

The CoP is asking the various categories of essential workers that if they do encounter this problem, please call the numbers at the Command Centre and the police officers on the ground will be duly informed. He has also established a Covid-19 Hotline – 74-COVID to deal with legal issues. This hotline is being manned by legal officers from the Legal Department of the TTPS.