Residents of Calcutta Settlement #1 take part in a vigil on Sunday night.

Shastri Boodan

Police should stop treating women with contempt when they make reports.

This point was underscored by Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsigh when he addressed a vigil at Calcutta Settlement #1, Freeport on Sunday. Indarsingh said he was appealed when he read the newspaper on Sunday only to learn that a woman was ridiculed and chased by the police when she went to make a report against one of the men who allegedly killed Andrea Bharatt.

He said “Had they taken her seriously, maybe Andrea may have been alive today.”

Indarsingh said he has received many complaints from constituents that they had been ill-treated by the police. He said anyone who feels they were mistreated by the police should visit his office and the necessary complaints would be lodged.

Indarsingh said unless the attitude of some police change no amount of vehicles, technology or laws would create any improvement. He said women and everyone must be taken seriously when they make a report. Hannah Mohammed, a crime victim echoed the sentiments of Indarsingh, She said women feel that they are being ridiculed and laugh at when they talk.

“We don’t feel our voices are being heard.”

Mohammed said she was urged by members of the community to make a call for change. Other women who attended the vigil told Guardian Media that police behave in an arrogant dismissive manner whenever they go with a complaint. She said police treat members of the public as if they are bothering them when they go to the station.