The couple had just returned home from attending a function when they began arguing

A police sergeant is now in police custody for allegedly shooting his common law wife, who also is a police officer.

According to reports, at about 10:30 last night, Dale Ramroop (a 48-year-old police sergeant attached to the Princes Town Police Station) and Nicolette Persad (a 29-year-old police constable), were at their home at Mohess Road in Barrackpore when they both began arguing.

The couple had just returned home from attending a function.

Reports are that a struggle ensued and three rounds of nine millimetre ammunition were discharged from a licensed Glock pistol.

It is alleged Ramroop opened fire on Persad during the argument, shooting her in the upper left of her chest.

The woman police constable was rushed to the San Fernando General Hospital where she remains warded, and is listed in a stable condition.

Ramroop has been detained for questioning.

Two guns and 69 rounds of ammunition were seized at the scene.

Reports are the couple were arguing over a text message.