Sean Timothy.

A 55-year-old police officer died in a freak accident after he slipped, fell and hit his head, while at the Double Palm Hotel in Aranguez, on Tuesday evening.

The officer has been identified as Sean Timothy of Angelina Terrace in Morvant.

According to a police report, enquires revealed that Timothy visited the Double Palm Guest House with a female friend of Paradise Heights, Morvant, at about 4:43 pm.  At around 5:30 pm, the woman told the investigators that he had fallen and hit his head on the floor. 

At about 6:40 pm, police officers arrived on the scene at the guest house, which is located at Rambuju Trace in Aranguez.

The officers went to Room 28 and on entry, found the deceased lying on the floor on his back. Police said Timothy was already dead.

The District Medical Officer arrived at the scene, made the death pronouncement, and ordered the removal of the body to the Forensic Sciences Centre for an autopsy.