Firemen at the site of the accident along the Uriah Butler Highway in Chaguanas last night, where two people died.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is calling on the pedestrian and motoring public to adhere to all road traffic rules.

The call came after two people lost their lives on Tuesday night along the Uriah Butler Highway.

According to the police around 6:30 pm on Aftab Brian Ali was in his vehicle driving along the northbound lane of the Uriah Butler Highway, in the vicinity of Pierre Road when he collided with Indian national Dheeraj Yadav who was attempting to cross the highway.

Ali’s vehicle flipped several times before crossing the median and landing on the southbound lane. He was thrown out of the vehicle and died on impact.

Two other occupants in the car Annan Maharaj and Andell Ragoo were injured and taken to the Mt Hope hospital for medical attention.

Speaking to Guardian Media yesterday, Inspector Damien Cadet assigned to the Freeport Highway patrol pleaded with pedestrians to use the walkovers provided.

“The walkover is there for the pedestrians to walk the highway with no hindrance to the motoring public and it is for their safety. It is very disappointing to see that an accident involving a pedestrian and the accident happen right mere meters away from a walkover. It hurts me as a citizen and a police officer, even more. I am advising all pedestrians, please utilise the walkovers it is there for your safety”, Inspector Cadet said.

Inspector Cadet also lamented that officers have seen an increase in drivers speeding.

He said while there has been a 43 per cent decrease in fatal road accidents this year when compared to the same period in 2020, the police service is pleading with drivers and pedestrians to adhere to all road safety laws and rules.