Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

Investigations are continuing into an armed robbery on the compound of the St Charles RC Church, Tunapuna, in which a nun and two parishioners were robbed of cash, cellphones and jewellery.

Parish priest Fr Ian Taylor, who was in the church office at the time, is asking for prayers for the victims who were held at gunpoint in the car park at around 10.30 am. He said he was alerted to the incident when he heard someone shouting repeatedly: “In The Name of Jesus!” repeatedly.

When he looked out the window he saw a man draw a gun and point it at the three victims. However, by the time he ran outside the armed bandits had already fled on foot.

Another nun, who saw the commotion and the weapon, ran towards the Eastern Main Road where police officers were on patrol. The officers pursued the suspects on foot but they jumped into a waiting white car and escaped.

CCTV footage of the robbery have been viewed by the police and videos of the robbery and the police chase have been posted on social media along with the prayer requests and details of the incident.