Sascha Wilson

South homicide detectives are investigating four murders within 12 hours in the Penal and Moruga areas.

In the latest killings, around 12.45 am, Wellington “Zorro” Davidson, 50, a plumber of Rochard Road, Penal and Shazard Mohammed, 37, a labourer, of Lowkie Trace, Penal, were shot dead in their friend’s home.

Phillip Ramdeen, also know as Weasel, told police that he and his friends were playing cards at his Mathura Avenue, Charlo Village, Penal on Sunday night.

Ramdeen said he left them and went to bed around 11.30 pm.

However, around 12.30 am he heard several loud explosions. When he came out his room, he found Davidson slumped on a couch while Mohammed was lying on his back on a two- seater couch.

He saw gunshot wounds on their bodies.

Police found seven spent 9 mm shells and a packet of marijuana at the scene. Police suspect robbery may have been the motive since Davidson’s gold chains and rings jewelry were missing.

However, the police found $95 on Davidson and $410 on Mohammed.

In the other incident, around 8. 10pm on Sunday Matthew Brown was at his St Marys Village home, Moruga, when he was gunned down.

He reportedly died in the arms of his common- law wife Drupatie Laloosingh.

Hours earlier, around 6 pm residents of Platanite Viillage Penal heard several loud explosions and upon checking found an unidentified African man lying on the road with gunshot wounds about his body.

Autopsies are expected to be performed on the bodies today at the Forensic Science Complex.

No one has been yet been arrested in connection with any of the murders. Investigations are continuing.