The couple had just returned home from attending a function when they began arguing

A police sergeant is being questioned by his peers after he allegedly shot his police girlfriend during an argument on Tuesday night.

WPC Nicolette Persad, 29, who is attached to the San Fernando Police Station is warded in a stable condition at the San Fernando General Hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.

She was shot in the chest with the bullet missing her heart by a few centimetres.

Investigators confirmed that the sergeant, who is attached to the Princes Town CID station remains in the custody of Barrackpore police.

He is expected to be questioned by officers of the Professional Standards Bureau.

Reports state that around 10.30 pm, the couple returned to their home along Mohess Road, Barrackpore, after attending a party in Palmiste. Guardian Media was told that an argument started after Persad received a message on her phone.

Investigators said a struggle ensued, during which three shots were fired from Persad’s licensed 9 mm Glock pistol.

Superintendent Nobee and Barrackpore police responded and recovered 61 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Officers of the Homicide Bureau of Investigation (Region Three) are assisting with investigations.