Divisional Head, Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar

Police officers attached to the Traffic and Highway Patrol Division are asking the motorists to adhere to the regulations of the nation’s roads over the Easter weekend.

Divisional Head, Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar told Guardian Media that for the Easter weekend his officers will be on the nation’s roads and citizens and the motoring public must adhere to the laws.

The Senior Superintendent was honouring some of his officers who were instrumental in crime-fighting on the nation’s roadways.

“The Traffic and Highway Patrol mainly deal with road traffic breaches but our officers – some of them who were commended today – they were actually awarded for the recovery of illegal firearms and last year for the first quarter we would have recovered one firearm and this year we have recovered six firearms in addition to ammunition and narcotics we recovered by a member of the Traffic and Highway Patrol,” Mystar said.

For Easter weekend, the Senior Superintendent said he expects to see his officers across the country.

“So we will be dealing basically with the major arteries the Uriah Butler Highway, Churchill Roosevelt and Solomon Hochoy Highways and even the highway heading to west Trinidad, we would also be rendering support to the North Eastern Division who will have the purview of the beaches at Maracas and Las Cuevas and also the Western Division and even the Eastern Division and we would also have motorcyclists to assist other officers on the roads”, he said.

He continued: “Our driving-under-the-influence technicians will be out and our speed technicians will be out in full force so we are asking the public to be very mindful of their speed.”