Diligent work by officers of the North-Eastern Division (NED) resulted in the recovery of a stolen vehicle in Las Cuevas last night.

The vehicle is now under forensic processing before being returned to its owner who reported the vehicle stolen to police yesterday.

According to the victim, he parked and secured his blue Nissan Almera vehicle in the vicinity of the Paramin Roman Catholic School and went away at 8.30 am on September 24th. The victim told police that when he returned at 4 am the next day the vehicle was missing.

According to police reports, an operation to recover the vehicle was immediately launched. A few hours later, at 7.50 pm, having obtained information, officers of the NED, including PCs Delarosa, Mc Dowell and WPCs Alleyne, proceeded to St Michael Village, Las Cuevas, where they discovered the stolen vehicle along a roadway.

Anyone who has information on this find or who may have witnessed the crime, is strongly urged to call the police via its hotlines at 999 and 555 or report via the TTPS App and Website.