Becker Seelal has been missing since Monday

Police and relatives are searching for Carapichaima gardener Becker Seelal who has been missing since Monday.

Relatives said Seelal, 28, left his Brickfield Village, Waterloo Road home to collect a sum of money but since then he has not been seen or heard from.

Video footage shows him walking in the Brickfield, Waterloo area about 30 minutes after he left home.

His mother Dixieann recalled that on Monday her son gave her painkillers for her backache and told her he would get someone to rub her back later that day.

She said around 3 pm he left home, telling her that he was going to collect some money.

His mother said he did not say where he was going or how much money he went to collect. He did not leave with his vehicle.

She said her son sells his produce wholesale. He would advertise on Facebook or sometimes he would drive around and sell his goods.

The mother said Seelal would usually take someone with him to collect money and he often met his customers by C3 or Grand Bazaar Mall.

His family did not realise that he was missing until his girlfriend called around 1 am the following day to inquire whether he was home.

They tried calling and texting him but got no response.

Worried about his safety, the mother said it was unlike him to stay out without reaching out to his family. They searched his garden at Roopsing Road and other areas in the village without success.

The missing man’s mother said surveillance footage shows him walking by a Savannah but only to a certain point as a mango tree blocked him off.

Up to yesterday, his relatives were still searching for him.

Central Division and Anti-Kidnapping Unit officers are also searching for clues or information about what could have happened to Seelal.

The TTPS issued a missing person bulletin strongly urging anyone with information about his whereabouts to contact the Freeport police at 673-0026,0200 or call the police hotlines 999, 555, 800-TIPS or share the information via the TTPS app or website.