Police believe that robbery was the motive in the murder of Brian Charles Forde, 38, of Second Caledonia in Morvant. Forde was gunned down in the presence of his four children at his home on Thursday.

According to a police report, at about 12:10 pm, police officers responded to a home invasion report, and gunshots heard at Forde’s home.
Forde’s body was found in an unfinished concrete and board house lying on the back in a corridor located on the house’s southern side. Police said he was shot multiple times about the head and body.

The CSI personnel processed the scene and retrieved nine 9mm spent shell casings, five live 9mm rounds of ammunition, one fragment and two deformed projectiles.
Further enquiries revealed that at about 12 pm, Forde and his four children were all at home when they were approached by a masked man of African descent clad in black with a firearm.

The assailant announced a hold-up and demanded, “Where the gold and money?” On seeing this, the children ran out of the house, and several gunshots were heard.
The suspect then escaped. The children ran to a nearby neighbour
who, on making checks, found Forde dead and subsequently called the police.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant