Amanda West, murdered in Wallerfield

Homicide officers are continuing their probe into the murder of Wallerfield resident Amanda West, who was killed on Tuesday night after gunmen chased her from her house into another.

West lived at Chaconia Drive, Jacob Hill, Wallerfield.

Police said at around 8 pm West was at her home along with two other people, when they were approached by two men armed with guns.

West and her two friends became fearful for their lives and ran out of the house. The gunmen pursued them and fired several shots at them.

Police officers were told that West then ran into a house on Orchid Drive Wallerfield where she was pursued by the gunmen who fired several shots at her. She died on the scene.

The gunmen then escaped on foot.

Supt Montrichard and Insp Callender visited the scene.

Investigators said West was known to them as she was said to be linked to several armed robberies and was believed to be the holder of an illegal firearm.

Police said she was also a suspect in the recent robbery against one of her own relatives, whose pension money was stolen.

Officers said other family members feared West and were scared to pursue the matter because of the threats she allegedly made against them.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated matter a 28-year-old woman was kidnapped and a red Lancer motorcar is being demanded in exchange for her safe release.

According to a police report, the victim Rita Sulita Singh, 28, of Spring Valley Road, Mt Dor Champ Fleurs was in the vicinity of Tool Time Hardware located at Samaroo Road, San Juan around 3 pm Tuesday with her sister-in-law when a silver Nissan Tiida registration PDB 6491 with three men, drove by and grabbed Singh forcing her into the car.

The men made a quick exit in the car along with Singh.

Singh was last seen clad in a white vest and white skirt jumper with pink slippers.

The sister-in-law reported to the police that half an hour later she received several calls from a blocked number. The caller on the other end informed her to make arrangements to drop off a red Lancer motor car registration PBA 6844 in exchange for Singh’s release.

The San Juan CID and Anti Kidnapping units were informed and investigations are continuing.