Police have seized $225,000 in cash from a 34-year-old Sea Lots man after he was pulled over for reckless driving.

The seizure was made by three officers of the Motorcycle Section of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch.

The suspect could not give a proper account of how he got the money.

Police say around 4.45 pm Monday, the officers were on traffic duty along the eastbound Lane of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway in the vicinity of the St Augustine Girls’ High School, when they observed a grey Hyundai Creta speeding along the shoulder.

Two officers gave chase but the driver failed to stop. With the assistance of other units, they intercepted the vehicle along Collage Trace, St Augustine, near the University of the West Indies.The driver was ticketed for the traffic offence of improper overtaking on the left. Police officers at the scene, however, got a strong scent which they believed to be that of marijuana emanating from the vehicle.

A search was conducted of the vehicle in which officers found a plastic bag that contained a large quantity of money. The driver was unable to give a proper account as to how he came into possession of the cash. He was immediately detained by police and taken to the St Joseph Police Station.Officers of the Financial Investigations Bureau (FIB) were called in and seized the money under the Proceeds of Crime Act, Section 38 (1). A count of the money totalled $225,132. PC Woodly of the FIB is continuing inquiries.