A 41-year-old salesman was arrested by police after a large quantity of alcohol was found at a compound located at Lady Helena Gardens, Calcutta No.1, Freeport. The following is a press release from the TTPS:

KERRY RAMPHAL, a 41-year-old salesman, is due to appear before the Comptroller of Customs today, after police seized a large quantity of alcohol, valued at $500,000 during ‘Operation Sea Breeze’. The exercise was conducted between the 12 am to 6 am today in the Central Division, during which a party of officers executed a search warrant at a compound located at Lady Helena Gardens, Calcutta No.1, Freeport.

During the search, the officers allegedly discovered a large quantity of alcohol on the compound. A 41-year-old self-employed salesman was interviewed, but he was unable to provide a satisfactory account regarding the large quantity of alcohol. Officers of the Customs and Exercise Division were contacted and upon their arrival, examined approximately 300 boxes of alcohol.

They concluded that all boxes containing alcohol were stamped and tagged for export and had already been shipped out of Trinidad and Tobago and could not have been shipped to the country unless smuggled without proper duties being paid. The salesman, who does not hold a license to sell alcohol, was subsequently detained and charged with unlawful possession of alcohol. As a result, 272 boxes of 1 litre White Oak, 25 boxes Absolut Vodka, 4 boxes of Black and White whiskey valued approximately $500,000 were sized by Customs Officers. The exercise was coordinated by Snr Supt Neil Brandon-John, ASP Simon, supervised by Sgt Crawford and included members of the SWDTF, IATF and Customs and Excise Division.