A police sergeant was found dead at his home in Chaguanas this morning.
He has been identified as Allan Jodhan and described as an ace crime fighter in the Central Police Division.
According to a police report, at about 7:15 am Jodhan’s fiance left their place of abode, situated at Minneola Blvd, Orchard Gardens, Chaguanas to go to work leaving him at home awake and well. Police said at about 8:34 am he communicated with her via WhatsApp. She returned home at about 3:30 pm and could not gain access.
She called his phone and heard it ringing from the inside of the apartment. She then called the police and officers from the Chaguanas Police Station responded and forced entry into the house.
Jodhan was found lying on the floor of his bedroom, motionless and unresponsive. Police said there were no visible marks of violence on the body and added that the apartment was also undisturbed as nothing was ransacked neither did anything found to be missing.
Police said his firearm was also retrieved.
The District Medical Officer viewed the body.
An autopsy has been ordered to confirm the actual cause of death.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat