National Security Minister Stuart Young places the TTPS Flag on Senior Superintendent Kelvin Thompson during the TTPS Consecration and Presentation of Colours at the Police Academy, St James yesterday.

In the fight against corruption in T&T, National Security Minister Stuart Young made it clear that “no one is above the law, from the highest level of politician to the lowest level of criminality,” and therefore, urged members of the Police Service to continue its fight in defending the country against corruption.

Young was speaking during Wednesday’s TTPS’ colours and flag consecration ceremony which took place at the Training Grounds of the Police Academy in St James.

The flag consecration means that the Police Service will be now recognised by the President.

In his brief address, Young sent a few strong messages to the officers in their fight against crime and corruption, “driving home” the importance of them protecting their organisation’s independence, “and what better and more fitting way than to consecrate your own colours…don’t let the symbolism pass you by.”

“Fight corruption…there is no one and there should be no one in T&T that is above the law, from the highest level in politician to the lowest level in criminality, defend our country against corruption, be independent as the TTPS must continue, fearlessly, to conduct investigations and do what needs to be done and carry it all the way through and let the courts decide.”

Young expressed pride in the TTPS during his tenure as minister and also gave appreciation to the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith for doing “an excellent job in guiding and leading them.”

He also hinted to the officers that in their investigations, be mindful of the phrase that “empty vessels makes the most noise” and to watch those that do so “with the biggest microscope…never forget your watchwords To Protect and Serve with Pride.”

Griffith said the consecration of the TTPS colours “signifies our dedication in continuing to the centuries old tradition of the organisation, in protecting the people of T&T with pride.”