Six days after Ashanti Riley, 18, went missing, her relatives are keeping hope alive through fervent prayers for her safe return.

However, as police continued their search for her yesterday, her mother Candice said they were still being traumatised by prank calls and messages about the teenager’s whereabouts.

Speaking with Guardian Media, Riley’s mother begged the persons she believes have her daughter against her will to let her go.

“All I want, the people who have her, is that, oh God, just drop her somewhere or just untie her, wherever you all have her and tell her run and she could get help,” Candice said.

She said while many well-wishers were praying for Ashanti’s safe return, there were also many prank calls daily.

“That is somebody’s life we are talking about, we trying to bring home that person and for them to get on like that, it’s very hard,” she said.

They have left there home on more than one wild goose chase, including to Maracas Beach, after getting false information that she had been found.

Riley left her San Juan home to go to her grandmother’s birthday party on Sunday and has not been seen since.

Her aunt Esther described her as a “quiet person but the one who would lead any lime.”

Esther said her niece was last seen wearing a blue denim shirt just about knee-height and a mint tree jersey with a unicorn printed on the front.

She said since Riley’s disappearance her mother and two sisters have not been doing well.

“We have people coming from different churches at least twice a day to offer prayers for her safe return and or closure. We are keeping hope alive but coping is not a word to be used at this point.”

According to police sources, a PH driver has been detained for questioning but so far he has given them any leads into finding the teenager.