Police officers stand guard opposite the Red House where DSS supporters staged a protest march yesterday.

A silent march around Parliament at the Red House in Port-of-Spain in support of the Drugs Sou Sou (DSS) came to a swift end yesterday afternoon when the police intervened.

The march involved a group of about 40 people who identified themselves as DSS investors. They had circled the Red House twice before police officers stopped them.

One disgruntled participant, who complained that the police were harassing the DSS, said: “Is high time we make a stand.”

Contacted for comment, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said while citizens and organizations have the right to protest or stage public marches they must get approval and conform to the law.

“Failure to do this can cause massive inconvenience to many not involved in such demonstrations and even affect the safety and security of those involved in such demonstrations,” he said

“It is because of my stance on this that those who burn tyres and block roads as a form of protest are arrested. To those who want to have peaceful marches and demonstrations, they are advised to seek the requisite approval to prevent their protests from being halted by the police,” Griffith said.

A notice was posted on social media yesterday evening of another march planned for Friday at 8 am at the same location.