FLASHBACK… Commissioner of Police Gary Griffth (left) and head of the TTPS Social and Welfare Association, Inspector Gideon Dixon, at their first official meeting, in July 2019.

The head of the TTPS’ Social and Welfare Association is throwing his support behind Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

Inspector Gideon Dixon says Commissioner Griffith is justified in his response to calls for the suspension of those police officers involved in the recent, fatal shooting of three men in Morvant.

The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) is the latest organization advising Commissioner Griffith to suspend the officers. It follows similar recommendations by the Law Association.

However, the Police Commissioner has labelled those requests as illogical, and has since moved to have the officers placed on administrative duties.

Inspector Gideon Dixon says he stands behind the top cop.

“We are also saying that due process must be applied also to these officers,” he asserts. “The release by the PCA, as an independent body, seems to suggest a level of prejudice, once again.”

He added: “It has been the proven track record of the PCA. We have records dating back to 2016 when the PCA continuously has gone in the public space and labelled the Police Service as that of a ‘gang’.”

Inspector Dixon maintains that the PCA is stepping outside of its jurisdiction, with its suggestion to Commissioner Griffith to suspend the officers involved in the fatal shooting incident at Morvant, since the probe into the incident is still at a preliminary stage, and is not yet complete.