The advice comes as several Tobago businesses have been hit by robberies, this month

Tobago police say they are intensifying efforts to discourage criminal activity in Tobago.

They are urging small business owners to be extra vigilant after a spate of armed robberies in various communities across the island this month.

The latest incident occurred yesterday at Plymouth, when two men held up Island Shopperz Supermarket at gunpoint.

According to police reports, the men entered the supermarket at around 3:30 pm and demanded that the proprietor, Shawn Warner, empty the cash register. They then escaped on foot with approximately $2,000.

Two other incidents also occurred at supermarkets: one at Gaskin Bay Road in Crown Point; and the other Bob’s Supermarket, Patience Hill.

Head of Tobago Police Division, ASP Vernon Roberts, said that the police have solved the case in the robbery at Gaskin Bay Road. He said an arrest is imminent in the Plymouth robbery.

“We have several solid leads as the perpetrators were caught on CCTV so an arrest will be made soon,” he said.

He is urging mini-mart owners to put systems in place to discourage and prevent robberies.

“Install security cameras. Whenever you have large sums to deposit, call police for assistance, and try not to be predictable in your banking patterns—mix it up,” he said.

ASP Roberts said his officers are keeping a keen eye on what is happening in Tobago.