Dr Bishnu Ragoonath

Political scientist Dr Bishnu Ragoonath says Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has to come up with more creative answers and it is disingenuous of him to say he didn’t know about the composition of Venezuelan Vice President, Delcy Rodriguez’s delegation in their meeting.

He was responding to Guardian Media’s questions about the dispute between the Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar who called the Prime Minister a “shameless Judas” on social media Saturday after he referred to her as a “traitor” in his address to the media on Friday.

Ragoonath said, “Nobody goes to the Prime Minister’s office without him knowing who’s coming, credentials are checked.”

“He cannot expect us to believe that people can end up in the PM’s Office or Diplomatic Centre without proper protocols; it is poor taste to give us that kind of story.

“It’s the political silly season if any sanctions were imposed on T&T, the blame will be on Kamla by the PM, the same tune the PNM has been singing since 2015 and will continue until the election.”

“National Security Minister Stuart Young had to be aware of the flight details of the aircraft that transported the 33 Trinidad nationals who were in quarantine in Barbados and the notion that the US-sanctioned PDVSA aircraft was the civil aviation’s responsibility during a period of lockdown is wanting.”

He said the information that Persad-Bissessar brought into the public domain the citizenry of T&T should have answers to and not simply brushed off as coming from Madea, a crazy or vindictive lady or a traitor, the people were too intelligent for that.

Economist and former PNM Minister Mariano Browne said Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley reminded him of the character Sgt Schultz in the situation comedy Hogan’s Heroes with his famous tagline, “I know nothing”.

He said Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s press conference raised many more questions than it answered and asked rhetorically as a matter of protocol if Rowley did not know who the men accompanying the Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez were.

Browne asked if someone would allow people in their house that they did not know, worse yet into a meeting with your Prime Minister, what would his security have done?