Kartikey Ramsundar, owner/operator of the Riverside Marina.

As investigations continue into the kidnapping of Chaguanas businessman Kartikey Ramsundar, fears that he will not be found alive are said to be growing slim among family members as no word has been received yet from the alleged kidnappers.

Guardian Media was told by police sources that no ransom has been demanded for his safe release and it is suspected that his Venezuelan workers may hold key information regarding his kidnapping.

On Wednesday around 2:50 pm Ramsundar was allegedly beaten and kidnapped from his business place Riverside Marina located at Cacandee Road, Felicity.

Yesterday, during a visit to the business place Guardian Media was met with locked gates.

A man who walked to one of the gates to open it to allow police officers in when asked to comment on the kidnapping only replied: “No hablo inglés” which means in English “No speak English.”

Police said a few hours after Ramsundar was taken and bundled into a white SUV type vehicle, that vehicle was found abandoned and burnt on Bernard Street in Felicity, a short distance away from his businessplace.

PNM Senator Avinash Singh, who resides in Felicity described the kidnapping as “sad news.”

“I know the family well, very respected and good standing family, always engaged in community and social activities, his grandfather was and father is a contractor. It’s very sad news on what took place,” Singh said.

Chaguanas Mayor Faaiq Mohammed also described it as a “very sad situation” and added that he believes that “there seems to be an attack on the business community within Chaguanas of recent times.”

“There was a murder of a businessman in Enterprise. There was an incident in Felicity last month. There was a robbery at a grocery and one of our Borough workers was shot in this incident and there was a home invasion last night (Wednesday) in Montrose.

“So it seems the criminal elements are taking advantage of the fiasco that is taking place with the T&T Police Service and the Police Service Commission. So I am calling on that to be resolved as soon as possible because the TTPS needs strong leadership and when the criminal elements run rampant in Chagauanas one has to wonder,” Mohammed said.

The Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIC), in a release, said it is extending its much-needed support to the family of Ramsundar.

With respect to CCTV cameras nearby capturing only parts of the incident, Sookhai said the CCIC recently called for greater surveillance in the country after the tragic murder of Chaguanas businessman Ramnarace Nandoo, the owner of C’s Cuisine Corner and BBQ.