Cleopatra Borel


The People’s National Movement’s Port-of-Spain South constituency executive will be plain speaking on their candidate Cleopatra Borel when members meet with party leader Dr Keith Rowley and other party officials on Tuesday

The unit was invited to meet the party’s leadership after two letters were sent to the party last week expressing disenchantment about Borel, who selected as the candidate to replace incumbent Marlene McDonald in May. The first letter was sent to PNM general secretary Foster Cummings. When there was no response, a second letter reiterating the disenchantment was sent to all executive members and Rowley. After that came the invitation to meet, PoS South officials added.

PoS South constituency chairman Wendell Stephens on Monday only confirmed the meeting was taking place. Other area officials said they’ll be presenting the points they cited in their letter and the fact that they did a poll in the constituency which found that Borel wasn’t known in PoS South “… and people were expressing those concerns.” They said they hoped the leadership would understand their situation.

Also today, PNM’s s screening team will screen La Brea’s seven nominees. This constituency will be the last one in which the party will need to screen nominees to complete the list of candidates for the general elections.