Inshan Ishmael

A petition targetting 100,000 signatures to protest issues contributing to violence against women, will be launched by activists Philip Alexander, Ian Alleyne, Inshan Ishmael and others outside of Parliament on Friday.

A release from the Candelight Movement (CLM) in which they are involved, announced that yesterday.

The movement was formed following the murder of court clerk Andrea Bharatt.

The three men were at the forefront of certain events including candlelight vigils to mourn Bharatt and to call for action against violence towards women. The events included vigils outside of the Red House in the week after Bharatt’s death. When Bharatt was buried on February 12, one vigil was hosted by the three men in Woodford Square. It was attended by her father and family.

Yesterday the CLM release said the petition is “aimed at addressing systemic issues which have contributed to the unacceptable levels of violence against women in society.”

The release stated that members of the Candlelight Movement include talk show host Stephan Reis, activist/talk show host Ishmael, activist/crime watch host Alleyne, activist Phillip Edward Alexander (former leader of People’s Empowerment Party who later launched Citizens Union), activist Avonelle Hector, radio host Jodi Mohammed, Citizens Union director Felicia Holder, and PRO of Candlelight Movement attorney Kandace Bharath.

Friday’s event will formally launch and facilitate a symbolic signing of the national petition between 7 and 10 pm.

CLM stated, “This petition will be signed by the father of Andrea Bharatt and members of her family before being opened to the public present for signatures and thereafter released to the national community through partnerships with other activists and vigil leaders throughout the country.

“The target of 100,000 physical signatures would make this, if not the largest, then one of the largest in this nation’s history.”

CLM stated the petition would be delivered to Parliament one month from Friday March 5, 2021 “by hand, via motorcade and walk from Andrea’s family home in Arima.”

In 2005 a petition was also done by the Keith Noel 136 committee headed by then businessman Stephen Cadiz who collected over 100,000 signatures against crime after his employee Keith Noel was chopped to death at his Belmont home.

Cadiz presented the signatures to then President George Maxwell Richards.

The committee also held a Death March in the capital city, which saw hundreds in attendance.