Popular bar owner Ramsingh Lala stands outside his bar, Nari’s on D’Avenue.

Popular Barataria bar, Nari’s on D’Ave, has decided not to reopen and the establishment is now up for sale.

“After great consideration, we announce the sale of our property, inclusive of the bar,” the ownership posted on its Facebook page.

But owner Ramsingh Lala said yesterday that his decision to sell the decades-old establishment is not about financial woes related to closures within the COVID-19 restrictions.

He said the decision is instead, about putting family first.

“Simply put, I selling the bar because I’ve spent 42 years in this industry, and in that 42 years it was total neglect for my family. It had times my children would go to school and I wouldn’t see them, they wouldn’t see me for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I am approaching 60, I don’t want that anymore,” Lala told Guardian Media.

Admitting that he has had enough of the bar industry, Lala said this virus, along with its death toll, was enough of a lesson for him on how important family is and how quickly the window to spend time with them can evaporate.

“Every family birthday, even my own, I would be working. I missed those treasured things. They were upstairs celebrating and I downstairs in the bar…not anymore.”

In fact, Lala was enjoying his downtime when Guardian Media contacted him.

“I’m enjoying my TV shows. Right now I am getting to watch the European Championship in peace, nobody shouting in my ears. I am spending time with my whole family. Look even my sister and brother-in-law here.”

But still, after 42 years, walking away is difficult.

Lala said he bought the bar over from his father in 1992 and since then it has thrived due to what he called his mixture of personality and pleasing customers.

As he put it, from the man on the street to the man in the office, they all came to his establishment because they got what they wanted.

While Lala will be calling it quits, someone with the right amount of cash can revive the establishment, located at the corner of 11 Street, 6 Avenue in Barataria. They could even go on calling it Nari’s if the price was right.

“Every lock, stock, barrel, the name, everything goes with it,” Lala said.

When Guardian Media asked Lala why he would not instead keep the bar and allow others to operate it, the 59-year-old would not hear of it.

“I am not that kind of person. If I’m not there, the doors are closed, I don’t even leave my wife in it.”

COVID-19 has brought with it many surreal moments and for the many who frequented his bar, this will rank high on their list. But Lala said a person knows when it is time to say goodbye.

The establishment is encouraging customers to “feel free to share pictures, videos, memories to our Facebook page” and has included a clear message stating, “Please feel comforted that the rumours circulated regarding the death of Nari himself the owner of Nari’s Bar is false, he is alive and well.”

The establishment has been listed by real estate company, Stuart Spiers Real Estate Services.