A relative of Druptee Laloosingh shows the bullet holes in their home at St Mary’s Village, Moruga, yesterday. Stickfighter Matthew Brown was killed while at the house on Sunday.

The stickfighting community has been plunged into mourning following the murder of Moruga stickfighter Matthew “Acid” Brown.

Fifty-year-old Brown was at the home of his close friend Drupatee Laloosingh, 65, at St Mary’s Village, Moruga, on Sunday night when he was shot.

The gunmen stood from outside the house and fired at his friend’s bedroom, hitting him in the chest. Police believe he was the intended target but they are still trying to ascertain the motive.

A distraught Laloosingh yesterday said she visited Brown at his St Mary’s Village home earlier on Sunday and he decided to go back to her home. The mother of nine and grandmother of 20 lives with her two adult sons but on that day her daughter and two other people came to visit.

Laloosingh and Brown arrived at her house around 8 pm and went into her bedroom, which is located to the back of the house. Shortly after, she said they were on the bed when they heard a loud noise and then realised that someone was trying to come into the bedroom but the door was locked. When Brown opened the louvres and peeped out the window he saw people standing outside.

“They were trying to open the door and he went to close it. Same time it looked like they shoot and he got shot. They shoot another shot and they caught him,” Laloosingh said.

As he fell to the ground, she said, “I asked him ‘Acid, what to do, what happen to you. He wasn’t talking to me. I trying to find out what went on. I say, ‘Acid, where you get shoot?’ He couldn’t say anything.”

Laloosingh’s son said the gunmen were not inside the house. He and his siblings, he said, tried to get into the bedroom after they heard the explosions. The bullets pierced the inner walls of the wooden house and two went through the refrigerator in the kitchen and a water bottle. No one else was injured.

Laloosingh had no idea why anyone would want to kill her friend, adding he never complained to her that his life had been threatened.

Shocked by his murder, Clevy Odle, manager of Valiant Brothers Gayelle in Sixth Company, Moruga, said his death was a loss to a fraternity.

“All warriors are highly appreciated in the arena,” Odle said.

He said Brown played with the St Mary’s Gayelle and competed in several national competitions. He expressed condolences to his family. Investigations are continuing. —Sascha Wilson