The Port Authority has implemented new measures at the Barrel Shop, which will include limiting the number of people per day to 50.

The following is a statement by the Port Authority issued on Monday.

“The Port of Port of Spain takes its duty of care to employees and customers very seriously.

Therefore, in the best interest of all please take careful note of the following changes made in order to limit the amount of crowds at The Barrel Shop with immediate effect.

 The One-Stop Barrel Shop will now facilitate a maximum of 50 customers
per day
 Any additional customer/s documents will be collected and customers are encouraged to return the following day to be serviced
 Customers are required to refrain from visiting the Barrel Shop if unwell.
 No customer will be allowed to enter the Barrel Shop if exhibiting symptoms of flu (coughing, sneezing etc). This also applies to drivers of vehicles who are collecting/receiving cargo.
 Customers are required to use social distancing of 6ft as per guidelines as much as possible while within the Barrel Shop.
 On entry into the Barrel Shop ALL customers are required to use the sanitization stations to sanitize hands.

Please be reminded these changes are in the best interest of all. Thank you for your kind
consideration and hygienic practices while visiting The One-Stop Barrel Shop.