The illegal firearm and narcotics seized by NDTF officers on Monday 5 October 2020. (Image: TTPS)

A 44-year-old man is currently assisting  police  officers  in  their  investigations  into the  seizure  of  a  firearm  and  a  quantity  of  ammunition  and narcotics, yesterday.

According to a TTPS release, the suspect,  an  electrical  technician  employed  by  the interisland  ferry  service,  was  arrested  on  October  5th at his Riverlett  Road,  Indian  Trail,  Couva  home,  following  the execution of a search warrant by Northern Division Task  Force  (NDTF) officers.

During  the  search,  NDTF  officers  discovered  one  Berretta pistol  fitted  with  a  magazine  containing  two  rounds  of  9mm ammunition,  one  bullet  proof  vest,  one  rifle  scope,  one  metal detector and a quantity of marijuana.

The  man  was  arrested  and  taken to  the  Arouca  Police  Station where investigations are ongoing.

The  exercise  also  included  a  party  of  officers  of  the  Inter-Agency  Task  Force  (IATF)  Strike  Team,  Special  Investigations Unit (SIU) and the Canine Branch.