Flooding in Arouca, during today’s rough weather. (Image: KALAIN HOSEIN)

Another possible tornado has struck, the second in a week, this time in Crescent Gardens, D’Abadie.

Shortly after 3:00 PM, a funnel cloud was spotted from Arouca and Arima, descending towards the D’Abadie area. While the condensation funnel did not touch down, the associated violent circulation lifted galvanize sheets into the air.

Sometimes, the rapidly rotating column of air gets in contact with the ground *without* a funnel cloud touching down, which is known as a tornado without a funnel. There are no initial reports of injuries at this time.

The severe thunderstorm seemingly popped out of hot and sunny skies on Sunday afternoon, and also brought torrential rainfall and gusty winds to the East-West Corridor. Videos were circulating on social media showing debris flying and roofs being blown off in gusty winds across Tacarigua.

A sheet of galvanize flying in the air, during today’s rough weather. (Image: KALAIN HOSEIN)

The heavy rainfall reduced visibility across the area to near zero but quickly subsided, leaving areas across Arouca, the Eastern Main Road, and other flood-prone areas in the vicinity of Arouca inundated.

In the forecast for today, the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service said:

“Mainly a hot and sunny day despite the isolated afternoon shower. There is the medium chance of the isolated thunderstorm favouring western parts of Trinidad.”

Note that there are no alerts, watches, or warnings from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service at this time.