Kishel Luces prays for the sick outside the Couva Hospital on Sunday

A small group of Christians yesterday called on God to rid T&T of the COVID-19.

On Sunday members of Kingdom Wealth International of the Foundation of Christ gathered outside the Couva Hospital which currently houses COVID-19 patients. The small group chanted and prayed for the sick and all the people of T&T.

Tricia Herreira spokesman for the group and organiser said those assembled are employed with Forex trading company.

“God gave me a vision to let people come together and pray virtually via a system zoom,” she said, adding “God has given us a vision that prayer could change everything and last week he gave us a vision to go by the churches and start praying because the church needs to come out and realise there is power in prayer, there is power in the name of Jesus and there is nothing that God cannot break and if the bible said if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways, he will heal our land. That is what we are doing, we coming here humbly before God that he will heal our land.”

She said Sunday’s rains were a sign of blessings.

“We believe after today that we will see more and more people being released from the hospital here, being healed and being released from the coronavirus.”

Herriera said the group was not approached by the security, soldiers and other authorities when they asked to pray.

Herriera called on all pastors to come out and heal the nation in the name of Jesus. She said in the coming days, the group plans to pray in front of all the facilities that house COVID-19 patients.