Rev Kendrick Sooknarine

As darkness prevails in the country in different forms, a Presbyterian priest is calling on the church and christians to get off the fence and make a change

In his sermon at the Marabella Presbyterian Church, Rev Kendrick Sooknarine lamented that many people in the country choose to play with darkness instead of trying to remove it.

“Evil lurks in the darkness but we seem to enjoy the game. We know that it can destroy us but we are not ready to give it up, so the darkness continues.”

Also touching on the violence in the country, he said, “There is darkness in the fact that we do not respect other people lives in society. For a small nation we have a horribly high murder rate and it seems that at present there are more and more people who are ready to take advantage of our weaker woman and young girls. And so our young girls have to now protest and tell us that there is a darkness that we are accepting and that the young girl cannot walk the the streets anymore. That is a shameful thing, that is a painful thing.”

He said another form of darkness is the failure of parents to put light in the hearts of their children and the education system which is failing the children.

“There is darkness when we fail to teach the children good habits. There is darkness when we fail to teach the children how to respect others. There is the darkness in the failure of the school system to create good citizens. They may be partly educated but our schools have failed to produce good citizens.” He said the various financial schemes whether it is called, sou sou or pyramid, were also a form of darkness. “There are dark morals where corruption is the order of the day,” he added.

Knowing that styrofoam is destroying the environment, he said Trinidadians still choose to use a lot of it and that is also a form of darkness.

He urged christians and the church community to stand up against darkness.

He said, “As a church, as a christian we have an individual responsibility to walk the path of honesty and truth. As a church community we have responsibility to stand upright and truthful in our society and we have to stop being comfortable and on the fence. It’s either you walking in the light or you walking in the darkness. We need to get off the fence and we need to stand in the light.” In the 1960’s, he said, Rev Rev Martin Luther King taught us that only light can dispel the darkness. “Hate cannot overcome hate, violence cannot remove violence. Only love can overcome hate and only non-violence or peace can remove the violence from our society.”

Sooknarine told the congregation that if they did not have the light of Jesus then they would be walking blindly down the path of destruction.

“We have to make personal decisions and personal choices to change who we are,” he added.