President Paula-Mae Weekes

Akash Samaroo

President Paula-Mae Weekes is concerned about the controversies surrounding the Police Service Commission (PSC) and its process to select a Commissioner of Police.

Through her communication advisor, Cheryl Lala, the Office of the President said, “Of course (the President is concerned). How could the President fail to be concerned about these matters? Her Excellency hopes that any ‘disharmony’ is resolved by a majority decision of the Commission by which all members are bound.”

The word disharmony was in quotations as it was included in Guardian Media’s question to the President as there are reports that not every member of the commission was in support of the decision to reportedly ‘suspend’ Gary Griffith as acting Police Commissioner.

Guardian Media was told that the decision was unilaterally made by a senior member of the commission,

Bliss Seepersad is chairman of the commission..

However, all attempts to contact Seepersad to clarify those allegations were unsuccessful as all calls and messages to her mobile phone were ignored.

As the authority which appoints and revokes members of the commission, Guardian Media reached out to the President to get her views on the issues surrounding the process in selecting the next Police Commissioner.

But the Office of the President also sought to underscore that the President has no authority to direct or interfere with the commission’s work.

However, Gary Griffith believes the ‘witch hunt’ to ensure he is not given a second term as Commissioner of Police goes beyond the commission.

Griffith said as Police Commissioner he did receive complaints from lawyers that some corrupt officers were framing their clients.

He said, “What I intend to do is a comprehensive report on these officers who may frame law abiding citizens that is a very serious matter “